Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wave of remakes

You had the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,Friday the 13th,Halloween,Prom Night,Last House on the left,The Hills have eyes,the Hitcher....and so and so on and next is Nightmare On Elm Street.Nightmare on Elm Street is such a classic and gave me so many scares as a child growing up,more so than any others,that its hard to imagine this remake coming anywhere close to my expectations.Maybe it's a little outdated,not in terms of the scares or anything but just in the fashions and dialogue,and maybe just maybe PD will make a respectable remake but one that isn't needed in my opinion.Some of others I didn't feel so strongly against,F13 and Prom Night for example are classic 80s horrors but both were not on the level of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street.The Prom Night remake was garbage and the F13 remake was average at best.Then you had the Black Christmas remake which was more a black comedy it was so bad.Two remakes that have stood out for me in a good way are the TCM remake and the Hills have eyes remake,both were down well and added more storyline,which is kind of what Im hoping A nightmare on elm street does.

And one remake I pray never,never ever happens is a Candyman remake.That film to me is such perfection that watching a remake of that would be hard to swallow.You can't recapture or beat elements from that film,like Cabrini Green or Tony Todd's performance.And now I heard Hellraiser is getting remade,and my closing remark is I have an open mind with some remakes but certain films need to be left alone!!!!!TAKE NOTE!


Geof said...

I'm still doing back-flips that the Evil Dead remakes got canned. NOES looks like it has potential. I mean it has Katie Cassidy, so it gets a yummy-licious factor from me there.

Erik said...

True,as long as the its somewhat respectable I guess I wouldn't be too upset,love Katie Cassidy also.


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