Friday, March 26, 2010

After-Dark Horrofest 4:The Graves Review

Tony Todd,Bill Moseley,seeing that they were in this was the only reason I decided to purchase the Graves.I thought maybe with 2 superb actors and a decent story would make this worth it.I was wrong...dead wrong.The film is unimaginitve,dull,cliche,poorly executed and boring and not to mention has two really annoying lead characters.

The Plot: Two sisters,Abby and Megan Graves from Scottsdale Az,(snottsdale) are on a roadtrip to New York,where older sister Megan just landed a big-time job. Driving through Arizona they hope to stop and see the worlds largest thermometer.(Yes,I'm serious)Of course they get lost and stop and a local diner,see a weird Reverend(Tony Todd)and get directions to Skull City Mine which the waitress insists is a local landmark and will give the 2 girls some good thrills.Soon after arriving at Skull City Mine's the girls see it is more then they bargained for as they witness a muder at the hands of Jonah(a murderous Blacksmith) who seems to be under the control of the Reverend.The Reverend Abraham it seems convinced the town and whoever listens that their god demands of course the 2 sisters are soon being hunted.

And man was it poorly executed. The said Blacksmith is killed easily by the one sister(I guess a big menacing man carrying a weapon is no match for a smart woman) and then swarmed by bees who it seems steal his soul(at least thats my guess what happened).Caleb(Bill Moseley) soons shows up as the sisters think he will help them but of course and like we all could have predicted,he's in on it and is the Blacksmith's brother.He is eventually killed,as once again it appears these 2 sisters are deadly assasins or something,I've never seen 2 killers killed so easily.At one point in time Abby is all of a sudden laying on the ground,we have no idea what happened to her ,at another point in time the other sister Megan survives a stab to the heart.So now not only are the two sisters assasins but they are also able to withstand stabs to the heart.
I won't give the ending away if any people actually want to see this but I'll say its just as bad as the rest of this movie even with Tony Todd.

Acting:Horrible acting by the 2 sisters(Clare Grant as Megan and Jillian Murray as Abby) though I thought Abby was quite the cutie.Maybe the writing had to do with the bad,unbelievable acting,who knows.Bill Moseley was decent,he's always able to make it at least somewhat interesting.Tony Todd does what he can though even he couldn't save this.

Gore:Not much and most happens off-screen.

The film reminded of a really bad version of Wrong Turn with religious overtures. It really has nothing going for it at all.Definitely don't waste your time on this.Watch Dread instead.



Matt-suzaka said...

That's too bad...I thought this one looked promising, maybe even one of the more promising ones in this years line-up. Then again, most of the films looked promising.

Erik said...

Very ttue,looked promising,thats why I bought it,don't be fooled by this one.


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