Saturday, March 13, 2010

Awesome characters:Tarman

Tarman from Return of the living dead,ok so he really isn't in the movie that much but he is by far one of the coolest characters ever and definitely one of the most unique looking zombies in any zombie film. Hard to even imagine that Tarman must have been human at one time.Looking liked he's been dipped in Tar and almost as if he's melting Tarman is definitely one you will not forget and definitely steals all the scenes he's in.

Tarman was petrified stored inside a trioxin container which was cracked when Frank hit the barrel.The crack releases the trioxin gas and the tarman was awakened and his skin melted from the gas.He spends most of time down in the basement as Frank and Freddy have no idea he came to life.Tina eventually goes to hide in the basement and see's Tarman who is hungry for "Brains""Live Brains",Tina hides in the locker and Tarman tries to open it with a winch...HILARIOUS!Eventually Suicide(another punk)and the other punks make their way down there and Suicide is killed by Tarman as he bites through to his brain,the others escape as Tarman screams "MORE BRAINS".We think Tarman meets his demise later on when his head is knocked off by Burt,though they never really show if he is really dead or whatnot.

Tarman was portrayed by Alan Trautman who did an amazing job.The way Tarman walks is very herkey,jerky,such eery movements it almost would seem like its computerized or something but it's not,its the skill of Alan Trautman.

I believe Tarman and this movie was the first that introduced us to the idea's of zombie's feasting not entirely on humans but just on their brains.For that we should all say thank you to this movie and to the Tarman himself.

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