Thursday, October 30, 2008

Game #11 Pens@Rangers

First meeting since the Pens knocked off the Rangers last spring.I despise Crosby but more for the fact how all these commentatots suck the guy off. Like he is the only reason to watch hockey.Crosby this,crosby that.Malkin is better than that crybaby crosby.Anyways about half way through the first Daryl sydor made it 1-0 Pens on a slapper that beat Henrik. The Rangers really didn't look that great the first but did have some chances. Crosby scored in the second to give the Rangers a 2-0 lead. The Ranger had a full 5-3 PP but since their PP is awful they couldn't do anything and actually lost momentum from this. Chris Drury is dreadful to watch on offense so far this season.Second ends Rangers still trail 2-0 and I admit I really don't have any hope for them starting the third trailing 2-0. They get a PP in the third and Naslund is able to cash in and score to make it 2-1.A big PP goal from Naslund who'd been struggling also.We get down to under a minute the Rangers are still trailing 2-1 and off a brillant pass from Naslund that was started by a nice Dubie play Nik Zherdev scores off a wicked wrist shot to tie the game at 2 with 9 seconds left.Holy shit!I did not expect that.Rangers get a point and we go to OT.In ot the pens get 4 shots all turned aside by Henrik.We go to a shootout.Zherdev stopped by fleury,letang stoned by Henrik,Dawes stifled by Fleury.Sykora stopped by Henrik.Sjostrom comes in third for the Rangers and scores off a nice deke and barely beats Fleury.Rangers lead.Crosby is last for the Pens.Crosby does a bunch of dekes and head movements and Henrik doesn't flinch at any of them and stops Crosby.HAHAHA!Henrik owns Crosby,Rangers win in a shootout.Next game Mon at the nassau coliseum against the isles(piles)
Soup for Zherdev,Henrik and Dubinsky
No soup for Chris Drury

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