Sunday, October 12, 2008

Game #4 Rangers@Flyers

Was really skeptical about this game given that this was the flyers home opener and this was our second game in 2 nights.Sarah Palin dropped the puck for this game.The Rangers came out absolutely flying.Nik Zherdev who is looking like a steal opened the scoring to give the Rangers 1-0 lead.Orr then fought Cote and soon after Zherdev taking Orr's spot on the 4th line set up Blair Betts of all people for a goal to make it 2-0.Betts is probably good for 2 more goals this whole season.Soon after Freddy sjostrom scored on a beautiful wrap around goal to make it 3-0.And then on the PP Michael Rosival made it 4-0 Rangers.Another higlight of the first was Bradnon Dubinsky fighting Mike Richatds,2 good young players settling it like they shoudl.First period dominated by the Rangers but I knew the flyers would come back,this game was somewhat reminiscent of the Rangers game vs the Habs last season when we blew a 5-0 lead.
It started unraveling soon when Scott Hartnell scored SH to make it 4-1,Simon Gagne then made it 4-2 after Richards plowed over Valliquette while the ref just watched with his thumb up his ass.We really sat back and let the flyers back into the game in the second.The third line of korepdo,Cally and Rissmiller really didn;t get much going and the Gomez,Naz and Dru line had some chances but couldn't finish worth a lick.The Rangers were able to get out of the period still leading 4-2.
The third was more of the same,Mike Richards scored to make it 4-3 and soon after were had to kill of a 5-3.Vally starting his first game of the season made some big saves in the later part of the period.He is a flyer killer.His career record against them is impressive.In the end we hang on to win 4-3 and are 4-0 for the first time since 1983-84.I wasn't impressed with how we sat back on a 4-0 lead and didn't like the way we took so many penalties.Also our first line is going to have to start netting some goals.The Dubs,Z and Voros line looked good again and they may have to carry us offensively.Nigel Dawes was a healthy scratch and deservedly so.Fritsche still deserves a chance.NMext game Monday agaisnt Blowdeur and the devils.
Soup for Blair Betts,Nik Z and Vally
No soup for Gomez who had an off game which is rare.

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