Saturday, October 18, 2008

Game #7 Leafs at Rangers

The Rangers coming off their first loss of the season decide to start Valliquette in goal saving Henrik for Dallas and Detroit. Vally was coming off a damn good game against Philly. He has played some good games against the leafs dating back to last season.The Rangers looking for scoring from their first line switched some lines around. Cally was moved up to play with Gomez and Dawes was back in the lineup to play on this line.Drury moved down to the third line to center fritsche and naslund.The first happened to be one of the most boring periods i've watched in recent times.Gomez can't finish,drury is invisible and nas looked washed up.Scoreless first. More of the same the second,Drury had some more chances and still sucks.All around no one can finish at the moment.Vesa Toskala did play pretty good for the leafs.Another scoreless period. the third is where it actually became funny how bad we are at finishing.On one shift we hit both posts on one shot and the crossbar on the following shot. Laughable. Vally did make some nice saves and we head into overtime where each team had one good chance.OT ends,shootout time. Zherdev scores,Vally stops Stajan. Dawes misses. Kulemin scores. Sjostrom scores. Vally stops the rat Blake. Rangers win. Still have just one line that can score and 3 that can't finish.
One thing greatly missed about these 2 teams was the constant Avery vs Tucker feud. Those 2 definitely would have made this game more watchable.
Soup for Valliquette,Zherdev
No soup for Drury,Naslund
Next game: at Detroit

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