Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Game #9 stars@Rangers

I was really pumped for this game.The return of my favorite player Sean Avery to the garden,his first since signing with the stars in the offseason.Before warm ups he was already yapping at Valliquette and Dubinsky.This is what I lvoed about the guy,he always made sames entertaining. Well the Rangers got off to a quick start when Markus Naslund scored to give the Rangers a 1-0 lead.Kind of a dull period,Avery was yapping with Henrik and Dubie again and actually got some boos.Orr also gave him a sucker punch.I would have cheered him like crazy. The second period was not good,the Rangers looked flat and what chances they had they missed the net on. Brendan Morrow scored a nice goal from the ice to tie the game at 1. Chris Drury btw still is invisible. The third also sucked for the Rangers,not much offense,I think all these games in so many nights has finally caught up to them. Mike Modano scored next to give the stars a 2-1 lead and thats how it would end. The Rangers were unable to muster anything else offensively.Sean Avery had a pretty quiet game for the most part. The Rangers really need to get Drury playing cause right now he looks like shit and I'd bench the guy,captain or not. Next game friday at columbus
soup for hmmm Henrik Lundqvist
no soup for Drury and most forwards except Dubie and Gomez who played well.

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