Saturday, October 18, 2008

Game #6 Sabres at Rangers

A terrible game all around for the Rangers. I figured a loss was coming after a 5-0 start. Started out decent with Scott Gomez giving the Rangers a 1-0 lead but not an exciting first period to watch. The Rangers took some terrible penalties in the second and their penalty killing streak was stopped at 22 I believe when Ales Kotalik scored on the PP. 7 mins later anothe rPP goal from Thomas Vanek made it 2-1 Sabres. This game it really became apparent our first line is complete shit.Drury has been horrible,wake the eff up and do something,you are the captain. Naslund left his legs and shot in Prague and Gomez has been off. Just 1:10 into the third the Rangers give up a SH goal to Vanek and that just about does it. The Rangers had some decent chances but have no firepower other than Zherdev and Dubie.Final score Sabres 3 Rangers 1.Shit.
Soup for Petr Prucha
No soup for the entire first line

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