Friday, October 10, 2008

Game #3 Hawks@Rangers(home opener)

Nice pre-game ceremony with Graves,bathgate(#9s)both getting their numbers retired this season and Howell.Decent start for the Rangers early on,gomez was flying and the Dubinsky line which is now Dubie with Voros and Zherdev.Rangers strike first,drury throws a shot on net and Huet leaves a bad rebound and wade(norris)redden scores to make it 1-0 Rangers.Patrick Kane a good young player scores to tie it at 1.Cally gets into a fight,didn't do too bad.Rangers a little sloppy towards the end of the period.
Second period,Voros scores his first goal as a Ranger on a beautiful play by Dubie,Dubie then scores off some nice work by Voros who looked nice on that line.This goal by Dubie was pretty sweet,he made some quick moves and then finished with a nice up high.Zherdev played great all night,very physical and very active all over and made some impressive moves and later in the third he nets his first as a Ranger on another beautiful play by Dubie who was awesome all night.This came after the hawks cut it to 3-2.Rangers hang on to win 4-2 and are 3-0 for the first time since 89-90.Nigel Dawes once again was invisible for the third straight game and needs to be sat for a game or two and Dan Fritsche needs to be in the lineup.Sjostrom took prus spot and wasn't too noticeable either.All in all Im pleased with the way they played and especially Dubie and Zherdev.Dubie is already the best center on the team.
Soup for the playstation line of Dubie,Zherdev and Voros
No soup for Mr Invisible Nigel Dawes
Next game tommorow at Philly for the cryers home opener

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